100+ Beautiful Sanskrit Word

Here is the list of some beautiful Sanskrit word which is spoken by God and goddesses in Hindu religion. Some best powerful Sanskrit words are mention number blog.

Sanskrit is known as the oldest language in the world it is said that language is spoken by gods and various religious books are written in this language.

powerful beautiful sanskrit words

Soumya (Sanskrit/Hindi: सौम्य) = gentle, benign, kind. Soma is Chandra. So, somya can be said as—one born of Soma.

Soumya is a Sanskrit word which means Gentle, You can Put this as your Business Name Medical Shop, Yoga Center like Soumya Medical Shop Or Soumya Yoga and Meditation Center

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    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    Sahaj (Sanskrit/Hindi: सहज) = spontaneous, natural

    Sahaj is also anaother Beautiful Sanskrit Word that means Easily, Naturally, by ease, So this is also Prove a Great Name is You are searching the Name for You Tution Center, Or Any Consultancy like Sahaj Education Center, Sahaj Consultancy. Or For Any Hard Work Business, Like Tax Filing Business, Sahaj Tax and GST Consultancy: Where Tax Filling Happens in minutes very easily.

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    Kaaljayi (Sanskrit/Hindi: कालजयी) = timeless, not bound by time

    Kaaljayi is also called to the person who, wins over the Time Kaal= Time, Jayi= who wins So Kaaljayi is who have not bounded to Time, Victory Over Time.

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    Tallin (Hindi: तल्लीन) = engrossed, absorbed, preoccupied (also अनन्यमनस्क)

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    Antrang (Sanskrit/Hindi: अंतरंग) = intimate, bosom, dear, close

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    मोक्ष (moksh) : liberation from eternal cycle of rebirth and reincarnation

    Mosh Means Freedom in one ways, Means getting free from this life that we get on Earth, and After getting free from this life cycle Maya, we get Liin (Viliin) means Get mixback to God Soul.
    Moksha Can be the Name for Business like Education Institute, like Educating yourself and Get free from All Miseries of Life. Cause Every Problem has solution and the name of the solution is Education.
    Also Moksh can be the Potential Name for a Low Frim, where people get free from there false acuse. and live better life.

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    जिजीविषा (jijeevisha) : strong eternal desire to live

    The one which sounds beautiful:

    powerful beautiful sanskrit words

    अस्तित्व (astitva) : existence

    Astitva Means Presence, In Hindu Culture it is believed that God is everywhere, which Means Astitva of God is Everywhere and that’s true.

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      You can Put the Name of Your House as Astitva combining with, your devotee Name in prefix, Krishna Astitva, DevAstitva, OR House Name can Simply Form by combining the name of Your devotee God Follwed by Sanskrit Word Kripa or Krupa, Which Means In Shelter or in Charan or In Good eyes of God.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      स्पर्श (sparsh) : touch

      Sparsh Means to Touch, Sparsh is also a sanskrit word which means to touch of to feel somthing by touching for very first time in positive way.
      CharanSparsh is also asanskrit word which means to Touch the Feet, in Hinduism it is said that You should touch the feet or elder people to show them respect and also to get blessing from them, this is Our Hindu Culture that show us to respect and to remain down to earth and to being polite when dealing with elder’s.

      Sparsh Can Also be a Business Name for NGOs, who Work on Child Abuse, Discrimination which needed to tackle to make our Society Strong and safe.

      Charan Sparsh means to Touch the feet and take blessing and So this must be the One and Only the Best Choose to Name Any Marriage Beureu or Wedding Site.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      रिमझिम (rimjhim) : the pitter patter of light drizzle

      Rimjhim is also the Most frequent Sanskrit word which use in Hindi, Marathi to Depict the Nature of Rain, We Always say Rimjhim Barish = Rimjhim Rain, Which means Drizzle, Uneven dropping making a sound.

      So Rimjhim Maybe the Best Fit Name for The Water Sports Academy Or Any Water Resort. Or Like Rimjhim Water Park.

      अभिव्यक्ति (abhivyakti) : articulation/expression

      AbhiVyakti Means to Elobrate, We Ussually say Abhivyakt which means to explain in detail in proper understandable manner. This May be use in Hindi Marathi, if the speaker is a Native Hindi Or Marathi.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Sambal (Hindi: संबल) = support, consolation, fellow-feeling

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Bhaavsaandrata (Sanskrit/Hindi: भावसांद्रता) = empathy, warmth, thoughtfulness

      Bhavana means “thought”, Bhaav Also Means our Atitude, how we act, how we behave ,And Sanndarata means to show, or to put forth, So Bhaavsaandarata means to Express your thought, Thoughtfullness to

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Aaatmsaat (Sanskrit/Hindi: आत्मसात्) = assimilation, absorb and imbibe something especially knowledge

      Aaatmasaat Means to Get , To absorb like it remembers you till death and after deth also. Aatma in Sanskrit means Soul and So Aatmasaat is the Ancient Sanskrit Word use to Say that I have Memorise the Sloka, I have aatmasaat the Shloka.
      Aatmasaat is also a Good name for Coaching Institute, Cause it literally means to Learn, Imbibe like you never going to Forget it, Cause this aatmasaat means it is learn by your Soul, And in Hindu Religion Aatma is Immortaal which in sanskrit mens “Amar”. You have seen Saints and Sandhus Saying Atmaa Amar Hai.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Vismrit (Sanskrit/Hindi: विस्मृत) = forget, forgotten

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Duruhta (Hindi: दुरुहता) = rigour, severity, difficulty

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      Abhiraam (Sanskrit/Hindi: अभिराम) = pleasurable

      300 Hindu Babies Names [Sanskrit baby Name]

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      श्रृंखला (shrinkhla) -chain

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      उत्सव( utsav) -celebration

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      श्रेष्ठ (shreshtha)-perfect

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      सशक्त (sashakt)-capable

      विध्वंस (vidhvans)-destruction

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      ऊर्जा (urja)-energy

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      ऋतु (ritu)-season

      Rutu Means Season, it also Simply means Season, Atmosphere, Surrounding.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      कृत्रिम (kritrim)-artificial

      Kritrim simply means not Natural and For Us Not Natural Means Artificial, Packeted.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      आकाशगंगा( akaashganga)-galaxy

      AkashGanga Akash Maans Sky in Sanskrit and Ganga is the Longest river but here, Ganga means Ocean, Ocean of Start this is AkashGanga, Many Budding Entrepreneurs is looking to start there startup and if you are also one of them and wanted to start, any Space Tech Company Then this AkashGanga is the Best Name that you can Go for, Also the Missile Can Named After this Like AkashGanga-1 AkashGanga-2.

      powerful beautiful sanskrit words

      सौंदर्य (saundarya)-beauty

      Saundarya means Beauty in Sanskrit, It is the Measure to calculate the Beautifullness of any person, How Beautiful you are? Sundar MEans Beautiful in Sanskrit, and if you want to call or praise a women for her beauty you can call her “Sundar“, And the Sundar Lady is Called As Sundari.

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        Also the Women’s or Lady who are there in Lord Indra’s RajDarbaar (RaajDarbar in Sanskrit means Place where raja sit and rule the State) is Called As “Apsara’s”, it is said that they are the most Beautifull Womens on this All Lokas (Lokas Means in Different Galaxy).

        Don’t know why and what it meaning but there is a Pencil Brand Name “Apsara Pencils

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        चैतन्य (chaitanya)-alive

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        हेमन्त (hemant)-spring

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        आलिंगन (aalingan)-hug

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        संस्कार (sanskaar)-beleive system

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        पवित्र (pavitra)-pure

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        आकांक्षा (aakaansha)-wish

        आकर्षण (aakarshan)-attraction

        ज्योति (jyoti)-light

        300 Hindu Babies Names [Sanskrit baby Name]
        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        मोक्ष (moksha)- salvation

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        वात्सल्य (Vatsalya)-parental love

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        गुप्त (gupt)-secret

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        पराकाष्ठा (parakashtha)-height

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        आध्यात्मिक (adhyatmik)-spiritual

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        विषाद (vishad)-sadness

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        क्षणिक (kshanik)- momentary

        स्पर्श (sparsh)- touch

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        विक्षिप्त (vikshipt)-handicap

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        अंतर्द्वंद (antardwand)-internal conflict

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        धर्मसंकट (dharm sankat)-dilemma

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        पलायन (palaayan)-withdrwal

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        शस्त्र (shastra)-weapon

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        शास्त्र (shaastra)-epic

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        विलक्षण (vilakshan)-exceptional

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        अनुष्ठान (anushthaan)-prayer

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        आह्वान (ahwaahan)-invitation

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        प्रज्ञा (pragya)-wisdom

        powerful beautiful sanskrit words

        श्रृंगार (shringaar)-make up

        Shringaar Or Shurngaar Means To Make up, Shunrgaar is the Ancient sanskrit Word which use by Kiings and Queen to says or to explain that they are makeuping or in simple word enchaning there beauty by appling all kind of Ornament, Applying, Sindur, Putting Kajal.

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          Kajal is also Sanskrit word which means the pure black color obtained from burining the Ghee (Ghee (Ghṛta) which again the sanskrit word) Clarified Butter, it is belive and now proven that this Kajal keep eyes cool and work as a anti fungal, and anti bacterial.

          powerful beautiful sanskrit words

          महत्वाकांक्षा (mahatvakanksha)-desire

          Mahatvakansha means Desire, Akansha means “desire” and Mahatva kansha means important desire, which in proper way means our owns desire, to which we wanted to complete in all possible way.
          Sometime this may be the sutiable name for Library, Where Dreams are seen and completed by studing and by clearing exams. Mahatvakansha Vachnalaya, or Mahatvakansha Library

            Get 1000+ Sanskrit Words Meaning EBook FREE!

            We are adding New Interesting, Unique Words, Child Name, Business Name Idea, Grab It in Your Inbox


            Also read 300+ Sanskrit baby names

            Do You Know the Biggest Word in the Word?


            Means or the Above Word Partially Means


            The Sanskrit language is taught in many universities all around the world it is known that the Sanskrit language which can use for translating and processing a large amount of data.

            After searching for 2-3 years and searching for all languages on the world NASA founded Sanskrit is the only language which is capable of processing a large amount of data because there is only one meaning of the sentence written in Sanskrit.

            Languages have two-three meanings of a single sentence written in it Sanskrit has only one meaning of one sentence and it uses the very minimum amount of alphabets to write a big sentence this is a power of Sanskrit language discovered by NASA.

            Sanskrit Hindi language speaks by supreme power Lord Shiva and all other God goddess of Hindu religion this is the main language spoken by all Aryans before 4000 years.

            All the books in Hindu religion are written in this language, Sanskrit itself is a religious language and it is prayed all for it use as it is spoken by all God and goddesses

            List of Most sacred books written in the Sanskrit language.

            list of universities all around the world where Sanskrit is taught.

            How to learn the Sanskrit language in an easy way?

            It is very easy to learn the Sanskrit language if you know Hindi Marathi or Telugu language.

            But if you don’t know anyone of this language it is some was difficult for you to learn Sanskrit.

            if you want to learn the Sanskrit language you first need to learn its alphabets and some basic words spoken in this language for day to day life.

            Alphabet in the Sanskrit language is called as vyanjan व्यंजना.

            After learning this alphabet learn some basic Sanskrit word that you are going to use in your day to day life.

            after that, you need to jump on the Sanskrit grammar which is very vast.

            Once you learn this grammar you are all set to go and you can call yourself as a person who knows the Sanskrit language more than a basic.

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            Also read 300+ Sanskrit baby names







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              1. we all need to work for providing the true payback to our religion by just spreading the awarness

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            8. I truly appreciate this blog post.

            9. This is also some of the words that you can include in the list, all this words describe love in Sanskrit which is the most beautiful feeling in the world so so please add this in the list of most beautiful Sanskrit words in your website.

              Aanandha ““ supreme bliss, unending joy.

              2. Aham sphurana -the throb of Self-bliss in the heart .

              3. Bhakthi– devotion to God.

              4. Bodhi– enlightenment; full illumination

              5. Chidabhasa -reflected consciousness

              6. Chitta Suddhi-purity of mind

              7. Deva-God or celestial being

              8. Dharma– one’s personal path in life.

              9. Hiranyagarbha-universal consciousness, the golden w omb

              10. Ishwara-the cosmic self, cosmic consciousness

              11. Jnani– one who has realized the Self

              12. Maha-great

              13. Nijananda-true bliss

              14. Paripurnam-the perfect state

              15. Prajnana– full consciousness

              16. Puja-honour, adoration or worship.

              17. Rasasvada ““ a taste of bliss in the absence of thoughts.

              18. Rupa– beautiful form.

              19. Samadhi ““ state of enlightenment of super consciousness

              20. Sakshat ““ here and now.

              21. Taijasa ““ brilliance, being in dream.

              22. Tejomaya ““ full of light.

              23. Vastutah– in reality.

              24. Vijnana– principle of pure intelligence.

              25. Yoga maya– magical power

            10. Beautiful in Sanskrit mean saindarya

              Here is the list of all word that means beautiful in Sanskrit

              beautiful : manohara
              beautiful : sundara
              beautiful form : ruupa
              beautiful form : saumyavapuH
              beautiful to him : tasyasundaraM
              aamisha : food , meat , prey , an object of enjoyment , a pleasing or beautiful object , coveting , longing for , lust , desire ; a gift , boon
              Aashiyana : Beautiful home
              abhiraama : pleasing , delightful , agreeable , beautiful ; of Siva ; 1 . so as to be agreeable to ; ( for 2 . { abhi-rAmam } )
              Abhiruchi : Beautiful
              Abhirupa : beautiful ( woman )
              Alak : World ; Beautiful tresses
              Alpana : beautiful
              Amisha : Beautiful
              Anindita : Perfect , beautiful
              Anulekha : Beautiful picture

            11. This is Also some of the Words that You can Add my small Contribution to Sanskrit language, and thanks for mentioning all the Words, want to here more from you.

              I am Searching name for my Tech StartUp, and Want it origin from Sanskrit, And I come Across your Blog, it help a lot but still searching for Best… in the Process I also collected some words, may help other reader of ours.

              Sanskrit Hindi English
              अपायः हानि harm
              अवलोक्य देखकर looking
              अभिनन्दति प्रसन्नतापूर्वक स्वीकार करता/ करती है welcomes
              अन्वभवत् अनुभव किया felt
              अस्मरत् याद किया remembered
              आतिथ्यम् अतिथि – सत्कार respecting guests
              उदतरत् उत्तर दिया answered
              उड्डीयते उड़ रहा है flying
              उद्घाटनार्थम् उद्घाटन के लिए for the inauguration
              कर्मकरः काम करने वाला worker
              कृषकदम्पती किसान पति – पत्नी farmer couple
              कुर्वीत करना चाहिए should do
              कूर्मः / कच्छपः कछुआ turtle
              गवाक्षाः खिड़कियाँ windows
              चिन्तयति सोचती है thinks
              जिज्ञासा जानने की इच्छा curiosity
              त्यक्तलज्जः संकोच या भीरुता को छोड़नेवाला one who has given up shyness
              तपसि तपस्या में in penance
              ददति देते हैं give
              दुर्बुध्दिः दुष्ट बुध्दि वाला crooked
              धनधान्यप्रयोगेषु धनधान्य के प्रयोग में in the use of wealth
              धीवराः मछुआरे fishermen
              धार्यते धारण किया जाता है bears
              धारयताम् धारण करें hold
              नये नीति में in policy
              नासद्भिः असज्जन लोगों के साथ नहीं not with ungentlemanly people
              निर्मान्ति निर्माण करते हैं / बनाते हैं construct
              नीयमानम् ले जाते हुए being carried
              पक्षबलेन पंखो के बल से with the strength of wings
              पाषाणखण्डेषु पत्थर के टुकड़ों में in stone pieces
              प्रकोष्ठेषु कमरों में in the rooms
              प्रतिष्ठितम् स्थित है situtated
              प्रतिवसति स्म रहता था was living
              पृथिव्याम् धरती पर on the earth
              प्रस्तराणि पत्थर stones
              बहुरत्ना अनेक रत्नों वाली possessing many jewels
              भवताम् आपके yours
              भस्म राख ashes
              भृत्यः नौकर / सेवक servant
              मत्स्यकूर्मादिन् मछली, कछुआ आदि को fishesh, turtles etc
              महती बड़ी great
              मनोविनोदाय मन प्रसन्न करने के लिए for recreation
              मारयिष्यामः मारेंगे shall kill
              मूढैः मूर्खों के द्वारा by fools
              मैवम् ऐसा नहीं not so
              रत्नसंज्ञा रत्न का नाम name of precious stone
              लम्बमानम् लटकते
              हुए swinging
              वसुन्धरा पृथिवी earth
              वाति बहता है / बहती है blows
              (वायुः + च) पवन भी air
              विधीयते किया/ समझा जाता है to be done / given
              विस्मयः आश्चर्य wonder
              विस्मृत्य भूल कर forgetting
              शक्नुवन्ति सकते हैं able to do
              शान्तिखड्गः शांति की तलवार sword of peace
              शौर्य बल में in bravery
              सहासीत साथ बैठना चाहिए should sit together
              सरः तालाब pond
              समृद्धः धनी rich
              सर्वकाराय सरकार के लिए for the government
              सद्भिरेव सज्जनों के साथ ही with gentlemen alone
              सद्भिर्विवादम् सज्जनों के साथ झगड़ा quarrel with gentleman
              सार्धद्वादशवादनम् साढ़े बारह बजे half past twelve
              साम्प्रतम् अभी now
              सेतुः पुल bridge
              सुभाषितम् सुन्दर वचन good sayings
              सुह्रदाम् मित्रों का/के/की of friends
              संग्रहेषु संग्रहों में, संचय करने में in accumulation
              हितकामानाम् कल्याण की इच्छा रखने वाले का / के /की of wellwishers
              ह्रदम् तालाब को to the pond
              क्षमावशीकृतिर्लोके संसार में क्षमा वशीकरण है forgiveness is an enchantment in the world

            12. nice information given in this site about words of sanskrit, Thank I learn a lot of new words and Will able to improve my knowledge of Sanksrit, But I want to to more Sasnkrit Word Meaning, Please Provide a Comprehensive guide that help People like me who wants to learn and chant sanskrit on daily, but the Only problem I is there is no proper resource Available, So if you can Do that, I am More happy

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